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August 21, 2017


Robin Becker

About This Poem


"Inhabiting both earth and sky, birds serve, in many traditions, as emissaries from the afterlife, as they do in this poem. Here, I sought to combine the science of hummingbird metabolism, the cultural history of hummingbird mythology, and the personal history I associate with the bird. The words 'visit,' 'resurrection' and 'hover' contribute to the 'otherworldly' feeling hummingbirds generate in many who observe them."
—Robin Becker


Robin Becker is the author of The Black Bear Inside Me, forthcoming from the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2018. Becker lives in central Pennsylvania and summers in rural New Hampshire.




Poetry by Becker


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(University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014)

"Let Birds" by Linda Gregg


"Flesh" by Joan Larkin


""Also Birds" [excerpt]" by Dawn Lundy Martin


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"Hummingbird" by Robin Becker